Tree Removal

Most reputable landscapers will inform you of the importance of tree removal. Unfortunately, it is chronically underutilized by landscapers and clients alike. Tree removal is not something that should be done frivolously or without a lot of thought. Successful tree removal requires exceptional attention to detail and a scientific understanding of tree growth and tree patterns. Think of your lawn as an ecosystem and the role that each plant plays as a result. If your trees are causing issues or are blocking sunlight from the rest of your landscape, this can very well turn into a massive issue. Just because a tree doesn’t appear to be in a compromising position doesn’t mean it still isn’t negatively affecting your lawn. Trees in nature are often vying for light exposure which causes them to grow upward. The same is not true of the trees in your yard. Ergo, these trees can grow in strange formations. 

Let’s talk about canker diseases and how to recognize them. Tree removal is often needed as a result of canker diseases gone awry. What are canker diseases first and foremost? Canker disease is an umbrella term for any type of fungal or bacterial illness that a tree can contract. Are canker diseases avoidable? Canker diseases can be brought on by human error if you’re not careful. You should always use a reputable tree service to help prevent canker diseases from taking ahold of your trees. Canker diseases can occur when a tree is exposed to severe changes in weather, drought, and high winds. If you find your tree is struggling to regain composure post-storm this may indicate an illness. 

Likewise, canker diseases can be completely random and have nothing to do with the fault of a tree specialist. In many instances, canker diseases come as a result of a bacterial or fungal infection. Sometimes a canker disease can be cured. However, this is not always the case and a canker disease can be fatal. Instead of letting a tree rot from the inside out, it’s best to remove it entirely. These trees can often be a victim of insect infestations. There’s nothing worse than a dead tree housing thousands of insects. 

We at German Tree Service also recommend removal when a tree has become a safety hazard. Unlike canker diseases, it’s usually apparent when a tree has become unruly and furthermore dangerous. Trees can be hazardous if and when they create blockages. If you notice that a tree is intercepting a powerline this is cause for immediate intervention. You never want a tree to interfere with an electric source. We ask that you call immediately when you notice a powerline interference. Another time when you should reach out is when a tree is leaning. Leaning trees are dangerous when it comes to high wind storms. One good wind and that tree might become a roof decoration. If you have any further questions about tree removal, we are available to further discuss this issue at your behest. We understand that it’s not always clear when one should utilize tree removal and the warning signs are somewhat difficult to identify. Our experts know everything there is to know about tree removal and can help you make the best decision for your lawn.

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